Electra Control & Communication is a leader in the field of advanced system design, installation, and integration. We provide comprehensive solutions for businesses in the automation, security, command & control, multimedia, POL, data transfer and telecom sectors.

Over the years, we have established a solid reputation for excellence and innovation, as well as a broad client base that includes many well-known market leaders. Electra Control & Communication's numerous long-term partnerships with financial institutions, hi-tech companies, government offices and the Israeli Ministry of Defense are testament to our peerless ability to provide a wide range of sophisticated end-user solutions.


Since 1988, Electra Control & Communication (formerly Girit) has been a leading integrator of advanced end-to-end solutions for technological facilities and communication infrastructures. We design, build, and maintain systems for major financial institutions, utility companies, government and security organizations, water treatment plants, hotels, and hospitals, as well as telecom and high-tech companies. Among our clients are Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and many other household names and industry leaders.

Electra Control & Communication strives for excellence, and is committed to raising the bar for service, quality, professionalism, and innovation. By focusing on our customers and their needs, we are able to ensure transparency, reliability, trust, and excellent customer relations, as well as optimal solutions and support.

We are dedicated to investing in our staff, the company's most important asset. By encouraging the development of our employees, we foster an atmosphere of innovation and the ability to rapidly integrate the most advanced technologies.

Offering services that complement the activities of the Electra Group as a whole, we seek to create synergy by maintaining strong, supportive connections with other members of the Group, as well as partners, customers, and shareholders. Electra Control & Communication endeavors to achieve the highest value for stockholders, while building relationships based on trust, integrity, and a commitment to mutual success.